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"ArtBrainStorming" Goes Public on the WWW


©2008Lenka Manning-Warder/Nicoll Heaslip

Once a Fine Artist Group, "ArtBrainStorming," was rooted in the German private arts organization, #artmesh, began as a small group of loosely knitted artists of fine art, from across the world, who then became a small group of their own. Their primary project, together, was titled, "Diptych Duets," and was reason enough to begin a public website so that public friends could also share in it, and, maybe, other projects.

For the, “Diptych Duets Project” - each participating artist created, first, one half of a diptych, and passed it on to another artist to complete - a responsive second half to the original work. At the same time - while each artist was creating a responding second half of a diptych - based from another artist's, "First Half Diptych." Each responding artist, too, was creating their own, "First Half Diptych," to pass to even another participating artist. When completed, all unique diptychs were returned to the project coordinator (Brad Michael Moore) - who then sent each participating artist a completed diptych of two other artist's works made for each other, and so passed, each their own works - to others.  Point being - is that every diptych would be comprised of a unique 2-artist combination where everyone involved in this project did both, a first, and, a second half of a diptych - and no completed diptych contained the same combination of any two artist's works. After the project was completed - each participating artist received a completed diptych created by two other artists in the project. After this project reached its conclusion, and with #artmesh no longer viable - as an artistic center, to hold this group together - everyone's lives went along each, their own paths. - BMM


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