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"2011 2ND DECADE"


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"ArtBrainStorming" Goes Public on the WWW


©2008Lenka Manning-Warder/Nicoll Heaslip

A new Fine Artist Group has evolved into the SiteWelder Family named, "ArtBrainStorming." Once rooted in the German private arts organization, #artmesh,

began as a small group of loosely knitted artists of fine art, from across the world, who then became a small group of their own. Their first project together - titled, "Diptych Duets," was reason enough to begin a public website so that our public friends could also share in it and our upcoming projects.

For the project - each artist created one half of a diptych and passed it on to another artist to complete. At the same time - a third artist also created a first half of a presumed diptych, and passed it on to another artist - who's first work went to another artist. Point being, is that every diptych would be comprised of unique artist combinations where everyone involved did both a first, and second half of a diptych - and no diptych contained the same two artist's works.

The site is also a place where friends from outside the original organization will be invited to join. One benefit is a growing annex of fine artists, and a new opportunity for each artist to participate and widen each their own World-Wide-Web art presence. As new group exhibitions are completed - they will be added to the, "ArtBrainStorming Collections Folder."

The Founder of this group is, Brad Michael Moore - who also has web presence on SiteWelder - (See Below)!



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